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We are  professional Organic Hair Salon in Croydon.

Whether it’s a brand new look or an updated style, we have the expertise to make you look and feel great. Make an appointment at our hair salon today.


Come to our hair salon in Croydon for a Shampoo and a scalp massage,Cut and Blowave,Iron Straightening or Curls, Ladies style cut,  Men’s style cut, Children’s cut, Primary school cuts, Secondary school cuts,Seniors cut . Organic Hair Colour, Organic  Curl (Perm) ,Organic Hair Treatment:  Aqua Boost Treatment for a dry hair or hair lack of moisture.  Revamp Treatment for chemically damaged or weak hair,hair lack of Protein.  We also provide men and ladies Waxing services.  We stock Organic Product - Shampoo, Conditioner, Styling products.                                                 Gift Certificates available.

Organic Colour Systems.

We also specialising in Organic Colour Systems (OCS) that contains Organic Certified Ingredients,Herbs from UK , that is accesible to everyone,it is better for our staff, better for our clients and better for our environment. The cleanest hair colour in the world . Purer ingredients. Proof the product is manufactured as naturally as possible.                                                                                                           Organic Colour System has  NO ammonia and ammonia substitutes;   No Sulfates;   No Parabens;   No petrochemicals ;  No physical damage to the hairshaft ;  No dangerous ammonia gases to be inhaled.  Maintained the hair's natural moisture and protein balance.  Has the lowest possible percentage of PPD's - it reduces the risk of  allergic reaction.Uses Pharmaceutical grade peroxide is used in eye- drops - it reduced irritation on the skin; it reduces burning on the scalp. There is no banding of the hair, ammonia breaks down the hair and can lead to banding. There is no root glow. Ammonia breaks down the hair and can lead to root glow. OCS is 100 % ammonia substitute - free. By using Organic Care Systems after colouring, we are able to return the hair to its correct pH and fully close the cuticle.

Semi- Permanent Colours - No Limits, they are completly PPD and PTD - FREE,they are ideal for the clients who are allergic to PPDs and PTDs. They should last between 6 - 12 washes. The range consist of vibrant red, orange, violet,chestnut,dark brown and black shades.It is a fantastic way to refresh your shade inbetween colouring or to change the tone for the short period of time.

Organic Curl ( Perm )  benefits:  No ammonia; No Thioglyocolates; No Damage Hair.Soft curls full of volume and movements, which should look natural and in exellent condition. The Neutraliser is rich in wheat and soy protein,which are natural hair conditioners and moisturisers. The wheat protein also increases protein levels and strengthens the hair.

We also provide Organic Hair Treatments,

Revamp Treatment for chemically damaged or weak hair that lack of protein,to help strengthen the hair and reduce breakage.

Aqua Boost Treatment for the hair lack of Moisture,dry coarse hair.

Woman gets her hair done in a hair and beauty salon in Croydon